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Made in collaboration with Tammi Tay, Yongjia Tan, Mikhail Baryshev, and San Jose State University Artists.


RePlay is a First Person Action Survival game that was developed for the Games and Playable Media graduate program. In this game, you navigate a mysterious underground facility in which clones follow your exact path. A beta version of the game was released on in 2015, with a final version planned to launch on Steam in 2016.


I wore many hats for this project. My roles included:

  • Lead Designer

    • Gameplay, UX design, writing design documents, team communication

  • Level Designer

    • Constructed all level geometry, determined player goals

  • Art Director

    • Collaborated with SJSU artists for visual development, animation, and modelling

  • Audio Director

    • Selected/edited sound effects and music


 Level Design in REPLAY

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