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The Tale of Twenty-Two


This is a collection of microgames made by graduate students in the M.S. Games and Playable Media Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The game tests the player's reflexes to complete tasks in around 5 seconds. Each microgame is dedicated to a classmate, telling a story of something that they've done or capturing some aspect of their personality in the game. The collection acts as a sort of memento to an amazing group of students and the year that we've had in the program.


When I'm asked which games I am most proud of, it's difficult to answer. But this game comes to mind, because I could see the legitamate enjoyment that people got from seeing and playing each microgame as they came in. Immortalizing your friends and their personality in a 5 second game also serves as a unique kind of gift.



"Akira Gives High Fives" - Swati Mallya 

"Amanda Pets A Dragon" - Swati Mallya

"Claire is a Badass" - Tarcisio Costa

"Cody Gets To Work" - Jared Bruhn

"Deep Eats Poop" - Swati Mallya

"Mikhail's Cucumber Surprise" - Claire Yin

"Swati's Piece of Trash" - Amanda Ohsiek

"Tak Makes Ramen" - Takahide Sato 

"Tammi & the Cool Dudes in da House" - Tarcisio Costa 

"Tarcisio Takes a Shower" - Tammi Tay

"Taylor Picks Up Chicks" - Yongjia Tan

"Vincent Makes a Point" - Jared Bruhn

"Zhennian the Professional" - Deep Pancholi

My Contribution:


This is a project that I conceptualized and organized. I acted as the Lead Designer as well as a consultant for other contributors. I was responsible for gathering the microgames and integrating each of them into the collection. I designed and programmed all aspects of the game outside of the microgames, as well as contributed two micorgames myself, entitled "Vincent Makes a Point" and "Cody Gets to Work".


 Microgames Included in this Project:

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